(and will stop at nothing to be the best...)

Discover the step-by-step body blueprint that helps you transform any dog from mess to blessed, without the stress.

(and will stop at nothing
to be the best...)

Discover the step-by-step body blueprint that helps you transform any dog from mess to blessed, without the stress.

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Are you tired and bored of doing the same old shave downs? 

Are you ready to be inspired again? 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re ready to level up, and you’re craving a simple step-by-step guide – this course is made for you. I’ll break down the haircuts for any coat type into small tangible sections so you can easily create adorable balanced haircuts with every dog that leaves your shop. And you can get your time and sanity back.

 Ready to feel confident in your work and attract higher paying clients?

This blueprint was designed to transform your life by helping you elevate your skills so you can confidently charge more and stress less.

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With messages like these...

it's no wonder these groomers are finally full of confidence again. 🔥

Not only are JRG classes informative but Jess’s teaching style is one of a kind. She turns learning into a fun experience and captivates her audience.”

Jessica B.
JRG Body Blueprint Student

Watching Jess and her team groom live … has been a real game changer for me. From learning the correct way to hold my shears to increasing precise control, to handling the dog on the table… I’ve learned so much.”

Lenny S.
JRG Body Blueprint Student

Learning that the body blueprint is a mix of standard cuts for a Bichon and a poodle is extremely helpful because it allows us to make all dogs look like cute little compact teddy bears”

Brooke T.
JRG Body Blueprint Student

Let's elevate your skills & build your grooming empire together.

The JRG Body Blueprint Course is for you if: 

  • You’re bored and sick of the same old shave downs and want to be inspired again.

  •  You’re ready for a brand new approach to your haircuts so you can create those round beveled feet, and adorable teddy bear trims you see on Instagram with ease.

  •  It seems like you’re doing everything right, but you’re not producing the adorable haircuts you know you’re capable of.

  •  You’re ready to level up as a groomer so you can charge more with ease.

  •  You’re losing passion for the career that once set your soul on fire…

In these short, digestible video tutorials I share my easy-to-follow blueprint so grooming doesn’t have to be hard. And with clear concise instruction, you’ll easily tackle tricky detailed areas like tuck ups, tails and feet in no time at all.  

Re-ignite your passion for grooming and make it fun again.

Take the stress out of your day-to-day so you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time wondering if this was what you were meant to do (of course it is!)  

I don't want you to think a glamorous haircut for every dog is something that’s hard to do or takes hours and hours. This course is packed with tutorials so you can take the guesswork out of it and confidently charge more for haircuts your clients can’t find anywhere else.

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Ready to take any pooch from drab to FAB...?!

Choose if you’d like to conquer just the Body Blueprint or if you’d like 
to bundle with the JRG Faces Course & save $49:

The Body Blueprint Course

  • 8 video tutorials on all different coat types
  • 2 signature bathing technique tutorials
  • JRG proven puppy handling techniques
  • Lessons on prep work, positioning, and dematting + energy work
  • + 5 free bonuses including a blueprint PDF, 2 bonus face tutorials, tail dye tutorial, & an interview on all things competition...




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The Body Blueprint + Faces of JRG Bundle

  • 8 video tutorials on all different coat types
  • 2 signature bathing technique tutorials
  • JRG proven puppy handling techniques
  • Lessons on prep work, positioning, dematting + energy work
  • 5 video tutorials with face blueprints
  • Lessons on groomer self care & daily inspirations for the soul 
  • + 5 free bonuses including a blueprint PDF, 2 bonus face tutorials, tail dye tutorial, & more…

$694 Only $645
Save $49!

Bundle & Save

I'm spilling all my secrets so you can level up your grooming game & charge your worth.

Get lifetime access to 10 video tutorials on all different coat types where I cover:

  • An easy-to-follow blueprint for all different coat types 
  • Tips & techniques for prep work to set you up for success
  • The shears and tools I use for the best results
  • Scissor positioning (so important)
  • Your body positioning

Plus, get FIVE amazing FREE BONUSES…

Printable PDF of the Body Blueprint for daily reference

A fun ombre tail dye tutorial using Crazy Liberty dye on Olive the Maltese

A one-on-one chat with my friend and award winning groomer Elizabeth Gibbs all about getting into competing

And a massive overhaul haircut where I apply the blueprint on a Standard Poodle that had one YEAR of growth

2 brand new signature JRG Face Blueprint Tutorials

  • Discover how to perfect the tasseled ear for clients who wants to play with a fun style that’s still low maintenance
  • Learn how to use a clip-on comb all over the head – a fun low maintenance technique for clients who can’t come in as often

And of course you’ll get ongoing support you can’t find anywhere else!

Unlimited Email Support: Got a question about a technique or was there something I didn’t answer in the video? Just email [email protected].

Access to my private Facebook group – The Shmoop Society: Join like minded groomers of all skill levels as they come together to support one another by showing & sharing their progress.

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By the end of this program you'll walk away with...

Clarity & ways to tackle haircuts with ease

A new found confidence & passion

Energy tips for a calmer you & a calmer dog

Beautiful prep work skills

Imagine for just a moment…

  • That you had a step-by-step process for breaking down EACH section of your haircut….
  • Your days are more calm and effortless...
  • Every dog that leaves your shop would look like the GLAMOROUS BEAST they were meant to be!
  • Your clients aren’t just clients. They’re raving fans that will pay a premium because they’ll only want to come to YOU.

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because... it’s here.

It’s your time. Let’s elevate your grooming game…

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Your investment is only $397 today – which is less than $35 dollars a lesson. 

You can’t really put a value on this course. After completing it my students have been able to:

  • Attract more higher paying clients by showing off their gorgeous grooming work.
  • Save time by becoming more efficient & confident. 
  • Find more joy in their work & re-ignite their passion for their grooming career.
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Groomers are raving about these easy-to-follow frameworks:


I have a 100%, no-questions-asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for this course! 

What does that mean?

Well... if you don’t get what you came here for... I’ll give you your money back 100%

This means you can come in, join the course, watch the videos, experience the breakthroughs that await you...

...and still, ask for your money back (within 30 days).

Yes, that puts all the risk on me, and people could totally come in with the intention to get my course for free... and I’m ok with that! If that gives YOU peace of mind to pull the trigger and invest in your future... 

....My friend, I’m ok with that.

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You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers… 

What are the biggest takeaways from the course?

You’ll walk away from this course with an easy to follow step-by-step breakdown on grooming each part of a dog’s body for all different coat types. You’ll learn signature techniques to master the details that will create consistency and balance with every dog that leaves your salon.

Put these techniques into practice day after day and you’ll become more confident in your skills, proud of your results, and not only be able to charge more – but create a client roster of raving fans that won’t want to go anywhere else.

How much time will the course take?

It depends on you! The program itself is structured for you to complete one lesson a day. But you can do it in your own time, and the coolest part is you can start practicing and applying the techniques immediately from day one.

You'll get the most value from the program if you implement it as you go but you will have lifetime access to all of the lessons.

It’s not a matter of how much time it will take, it’s a matter of how much practice you are willing to do to improve your skills.

Is this course for professional groomers?

Yes - If you have ever groomed a dog, this program is for you. You don't need to be a full-time working groomer to benefit from this framework. But the course is geared towards helping everyday working-dog groomers improve their life and their grooming skills.

How do I access the course content?

The entire course will be accessible through your member portal (I use a software called Kajabi). You’ll have lifetime access to all of the content through this platform. After you purchase, you will be prompted to create and login id and password.

Can I ask questions?

Of course, support is only an email away. Email any questions that come up to [email protected]. And we’ll get back to you within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

 Have a Q I didn't A?

Email i[email protected] and we will get your questions answered!

Ready to level up & charge more $$$?

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