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Cocker Spaniel getting groomed and blowdried

The Many Faces of JRG

Learn my face grooming blueprint and signature energy method to create adorable dog faces with calm and confident energy.

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Terrier Dog  getting a bath with shampoo

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English Shepard Dog get groomed with blowdryer

Cute Faces Guide

Learn my top 3 tips for creating cute faces.

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Over 600 groomers have up-leveled their grooming skills.

Jessie, Owner of The Well-Groomed Dog Club

"I think it's so funny that you can do the same thing for so long, and then someone gives you another point of view, and it changes everything for the better. I am open, flexible, curious, and motivated because of The Many Faces of JRG. I take a LOT of other classes, but Jess makes it seem not only attainable but... I don't know how to say this.. like home? Like safe enough to do better? Like it's almost effortless to be 'good enough to try new things because it feels safe?"

Teri Eisner Morris, Owner/Groomer at Pretty Paws Pet Salon

"The Many Faces of JRG  has so inspired me in many different ways! My passion for grooming is on fire right now! I'm finally realizing that I need to invest in myself for a change! The right tools and direction will lead me towards my goal of being my best self! I'm excited, encouraged, and blessed to have taken this course!!!"

Pet Parent Resources

English Shepard Dog get groomed with blowdryer

The Ultimate Pet Parent Course

Learn all about how to care for your dog so that you can release the guilt & feel confident knowing you are giving your gorgeous beast the happy and healthy life they deserve. 

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Terrier Dog  getting a bath with shampoo

Pet Parent Resource Portal

A free resource dedicated to helping you raise ad happy, healthy, and Haute dog. 

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Cocker Spaniel getting groomed and blowdried



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Katy Perry and her dogs, teacup Poodles Nugget and Mighty

"Jess Rona is to dogs as Vidal Sassoon is to the Bob Cut."

Katy Perry

Celebrity Dog Groomer Jess Rona and her dog Meemu

Hi, I'm Jess Rona

There's a hole in the grooming industry where no one focuses on self-care. I incorporate daily mantras and meditations to help groomers calm themselves from the inside out which will calm every dog in their salon. Who knew a calm dog comes from a calm person? Woah baby! 

Dogs are energy readers and as a groomer with over 20 years of experience I know that grooming can be stressful for dogs and for the groomer. Over the years I’ve developed a method of grooming that breaks down each process into a simplified, tangible easy to follow blueprint. 

My signature process uses energetic techniques to keep the dog and the groomer chill by communicating through energy and respectful touch. 

I believe that when we honor the dogs, and when we are in a state of gratitude for the dog allowing us to groom them (vs. treating them like an object and making them do something we want), they are more relaxed.  

Grooming is an art that involves technical knowledge, and a level of self-awareness. My courses will teach you my easy-to-follow step-by-step blueprints that will make every dog the stunning beast they were meant to be.  

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