JRG Body Blueprint

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If you’re sick of doing shave downs and you’re ready to level up your skills (so you can charge more and stress less), The JRG Body Blueprint is for you.

This step-by-step course will simplify your haircuts and change the way you approach grooming forever.

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  • Automatic entry to win a FREE pair of Harzly shears, or Utsumi Speedy’s for the first 100 course sign ups. FIVE winners will be chosen! (and you know I'll have giveaways so stay tuned).

  • An exclusive launch discount when you purchase the course during the 4 day cart open

  • Your FREE “How to Stack a Dog” video tutorial so you truly see the lines of your haircut and never have to take another wonky “after picture” ever again (sent straight to your inbox after you join the waitlist)

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